Alvesta municipality started working with competence-based recruitment

A clear alignment throughout the whole recruitment process.

We met with Anne Bergstrand, HR consultant at Alvesta municipality who wanted to introduce competence-based recruitment in order to further ensure the quality of their recruitments. Through competence-based recruitment, there’s a clear alignment throughout the whole recruitment process, which is based on the requirement profile for the actual position in question. 

We have interview bookings and interview templates for our candidates as well as references, where the requirements profile in recruit follows a clear alignment throughout the recruitment process. This is one of the most important tools to attract and employ the right competence for the right role.

The support system was logical and easy to grasp. 

-We chose to start off with a few recruitments as a pilot. Meanwhile, we started structuring requirement profiles and saved them as templates. We thought it was easier than spending time building profiles and inserting them in advance. The first recruitments took a bit of extra time when building the profiles at the same time, but afterward, you’re able to reuse the templates and simply make adjustments for new recruitments.

How has your overall experience in getting started with competence-based recruitment been?

– It’s been smooth so far and I look forward to making my first selection and trying the system throughout the whole recruitment process. 

Anne Bergstrand, HR-consultant, Alvesta municipality

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